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The Raw Choice – A New 5-Min Raw Foods lifestyle video that makes it easy for beginners to get started on changing the way that you eat, with better health as the prime goal.

Welcome and thanks for stopping by our channel. This latest raw living foods presentation centers around the mechanics of getting started with a raw vegan diet. Think of it as a beginner’s guide or user’s manual, although it is offered in the form of a video rather than an actual book or manual. But, hey that’s ok, because it is generally easier for people to digest good information when it is delivered in the form of video these days.

“The Raw Choice” explores what might cause one to choose to go fully raw. Then it gives real and useful steps to take to not only make the change, but to ensure long-term healthy success.

We also provide real and actionable tips for you, 8 unique tips in fact, that will greatly simplify the entire raw vegan transition process. From re-working your kitchen to changing the way that you shop, it is all there in one short, yet resource packed health and nutrition presentation for you to enjoy. Why not let raw change your life for the better today? It’s easy and only gets even easier the longer you stay on this powerful path to wellness. See creativity increase while food addictions and other addictive issues fade away when you give your body the living foods that it so very much needs and wants.

Also listed here are support links that are intended to help you along the way on your journey to the best in human health and wellness. It’s all made possible by embracing a raw vegan diet.

Dr. Robert Morse:

Fully Raw Kristina:


Dr. Eric Berg:


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Our simple goal here is to inspire you to learn more about a healthy raw vegan lifestyle. Unique raw food recipes that embrace fresh organic uncooked and unprocessed fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries, and seeds is what we get most excited about. We upload new and interesting videos each week that include quick and easy fruit and veggie preparations, tips, tricks, living food meal plans, and creative ideas on the best ways to improve long-term health based upon what you eat.

Disclaimer: We are not medical professionals and make no medical claims. Always consult with your naturopath, doctor, or other health care provider for any medical conditions that you may have or think you have and for your own specific medical needs and requirements. The information presented in these videos is intended to be informational and educational only.

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