VEGAN SINCE 1998: Rahsaan “Supreme” Hubbard A.K.A. Fly Vegan Chef

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1:39 Define veganism
2:08 What have you noticed different since becoming vegan; physically, mentally, or in any other way?
2:52 What are the most important reasons for you to be vegan now?
3:55 Why is it important for others to be vegan?
4:43 How do you encourage others to be vegan?
5:11 What challenges have you had and how did you overcome them?
6:10 How has being vegan affected your relationships?
7:03 How do you deal with other family members that are not vegan during holidays?
7:29 How might life be different if you were raised vegan?
7:49 Do you ever wish you were raised vegan?
8:05 Do you have any regrets?
8:23 Why didn’t you go vegan sooner?
8:46 Prior to going vegan did you ever think “there’s no way I’ll ever go vegan!”?
9:27 Ever worry about any specific nutrients?
9:54 Do you take medications or supplements?
10:20 Did you acquire any ailments after becoming vegan?
10:36 How often did you go to the doctor before and after going vegan?
11:03 How do you suggest others best get started going vegan, any tips?
11:42 Any specific resources?
12:07 Why do some people quit veganism and how can they prevent or best resolve those reasons?
12:40 Do you have any success stories you would like to share?
13:00 What’s a favorite quote or few you like to think about or share with others?
13:14 Is there anything about vegans that you wish you could change?
13:53 Do you think we’ll ever see a vegan world and how can we get there?
14:27 What would a vegan world look like?
15:23 What foods do you eat?
16:35 How much of your diet is raw?
17:14 What do you think about people going Atkins, Paleo, Keto, and Carnivore?
17:31 Do you ever crave or desire eating animals?
17:59 What are your thoughts on fake meats?
18:42 Would you eat lab grown meat?
18:58 Do you think you’ll ever need to eat animals or their secretions again?
19:25 If your doctor said “you have to eat animals” what would you do?
19:39 Any thoughts on fasting?
21:21 Is there anything else you would like to share about you or veganism or anything?

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