Diet Culture Myth #2 – I Need To Be Vegan To Be Healthy

I promise I am not picking on vegans! It’s just that becoming vegan has become trendy so I am addressing the trends to help other people grow!

For those that don’t know, veganism is a lifestyle without any animal products whatsoever. This means no honey, no cheese, no vitamins/skincare/haircare products that have used animal parts or something created by animals to survive.

Veganism is not solely abstaining from meat.

Why is this a diet culture myth?

Being a vegan does not guarantee you to have a long life because vegan doesn’t mean that you are living healthy. There is such a thing as an unhealthy vegan.

If you become vegan, you have to understand what that fully entitles and what that lifestyle looks like for you to truly be healthy. Even then, that does not mean that you will live a long life.

This is because scripture says that The Most High gives and takes away life. You cannot guarantee that you will see tomorrow so don’t assume that your new “lifestyle” will buy you more time on this earth.

If you prefer to think solely physically, a healthy lifestyle requires balanced nutrition and exercise habits. As long as you are getting the protein, vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, and carbs from healthy sources (preferably ones that Yahuah created), and do moderately to highly active activities daily, you will have the potential to live a long healthy life.

Bottom line: Veganism is a lifestyle and not a “diet”. If you want to have a long healthy life, keep your eyes on The Most High, be active, and eat as non-processed as possible.

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