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At the start of Veganuary 2021, we shared Aneesa’s “my vegan story”. In today’s video we will share Tahir’s “my vegan story”. Tahir’s journey to becoming vegan was very different than Aneesa’s and he hopes that by sharing this intimate and special story, he is able to inspire others to consider becoming vegan or trying to incorporate more plant based foods in their diet.

Becoming plant based didn’t happen overnight for Tahir. It took almost 4 years as he educated himself on all the benefits of becoming fully plant based and vegan.

Being vegan for the animals helps eliminate the harm our diet has on animals and this was the biggest motivator for Tahir.

The health benefits of a vegan diet are numerous. The risk reduction of a plant based diet is compelling. A vegan diet helps to reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, cancer, and diabetes. Finally, a plant based diet helps with sustainability and the environment. If you care about climate change then a plant based diet is a great way to go!

We really hope that Tahir’s “my vegan story” video and others from us motivate you to give plant based eating a try!

We also want to send a very special thank you to Paul Angelini for not only appearing in our video, but also for the fact that Tahir truly feels indebted and grateful for the conversation they had in 2010. Tahir attributes this conversation to shaping and changing the course of his life in the best way possible!

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Aneesa and Tahir ✌?

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Video editing by Ryan Kelly from 4th Quarter
Creative Music by Ryan Moore

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