5 Unexpected Benefits of Vegan Intermittent Fasting [Weight Loss Motivation]

There’s no denying that vegan intermittent fasting changes your life, but you may be surprised to learn that the benefits of plant-based IF go far beyond the simple weight loss aspect. This video will break down five unusual benefits of plant-based intermittent fasting – specifically how this diet changes your brain – in turn facilitating weight loss and improving your health almost immediately.

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The Art of Subtraction:

Intermittent fasting and veganism have a way of removing the veil of denial from before your eyes – illuminating every aspect of your life in the process. Both of these lifestyles are a form of minimalism, and when you start to subtract things from your life that are no longer serving you the light of truth begins to shine on every aspect of your life. Suddenly you see your world for what it is – and it isn’t all pretty.

I used to be a fat and depressed mess, but it wasn’t until I began removing the things that were causing me the most pain that my life dramatically took a turn for the better. This diet really helps you dig under the surface and make meaningful changes quickly.

A Mental “Switch”:

I’ll be the first to admit that I am a terrible dieter. In the past, all of my dieting attempts were met with a hefty dose of self-sabotage right out the gate – pretty much ensuring that I would fail at weight loss before I even had the chance to try. Like countless others hoping to find the next magic bullet of weight loss, I was looking at it all wrong.

Not only did I GAIN weight on every diet I embarked upon, but I became so disconnected from my body that I stopped hearing what I needed from me long ago. I was only focused on what instant gratification ‘me’ wanted, which was a recipe for disaster.

Intermittent fasting and adopting a plant-based diet both helped reset my brain for weight loss success – but it wasn’t until I combined the two that my results took off.

The Paradox of Choice:

As much as we like to believe we need unlimited options to be happy, this diet will reprogram your mind you understand that sometimes less is truly more. Fewer decisions open up a world of possibilities – and not only does this result in effortless weight loss, but it frees up your mental bandwidth, allowing you to focus your precious energy on what truly matters.

Skip Instead of Splurge:

Vegan intermittent fasting trains your brain to skip instead of splurge.

I can’t tell you how many times as a vegan I “had” to eat a plate of fries and chug two beers for dinner. It always seemed like a reasonable choice at the time. After all, the choice was often that or nothing!

I thought I was doing what I had to do, but intermittent fasting illuminated the other option: having nothing at all.

My Embarrassing “Aha” Moment:

For the majority of my adult life, I had it all backward. I was so hyper-focused on the “main event” of socializing (the food and the alcohol) that I failed to see the forest through the trees. I never stopped to ask myself the important questions, like “do I even want to be here?”

This was one of the most eye-opening realizations I had when I adopted the vegan intermittent fasting lifestyle – and a pretty embarrassing one at that. But it quickly became apparent that the driving motivator for social activities was not the people I was spending time with but rather the food and drinks that came with them.

Final Thoughts:

It wasn’t until I combined a plant-based diet with intermittent fasting that my weight loss took off – in large part thanks to the mental changes that took place this moment I adopted this way of life. The benefits of vega in intermittent fasting will change your life, and once you get over the hump of starting, you will be amazed at how the world around you changes for the better.


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