Planning a week of vegan meals around a tight budget

Putting my money where my mouth is…
Here’s a bit of a budget week using whole foods and seasonal produce. I’ll be taking advantage of Aldi’s Super 6 and Tesco’s seasonal veg offers etc. We’ll see where I get to by the end of the week but I estimate £15-16 for wholefood plant based.
My aim is to empower people to make choices that they may not realise that they have, believing that veganism is for the privileged. I’ve shared three evening meal recipes in this video and I’ll drop a few more in later, as I know this can be a blocker for some people. Not knowing how to use seasonal veg cuts off a really cheap and healthful style of eating. So here is a little look at my weekly food shop and some quick fire recipes.

This is not a complete nutrition plan, that’s not what I am here to do and I don’t share exact quantities because we are different I am active but I am a woman with a small frame… I can’t tell you what a portion is for you!
These recipes are vague in quantity but that’s fine when cooking with veg, adapt to your own taste and appetite.
If you are in the UK, and you want a good detailed idea of just how much is available to you check out Those Vegan Guys on youtube they are lovely and have loads of product reviews for all of the major UK stores, lots of inspiration for all different budgets.

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