How to Grow Egyptian Spinach in Pots | Saluyot Tips | Manila London | Organic Gardening Vegan

How to Grow Egyptian Spinach in Pots | Saluyot Tips | Manila London | Organic Gardening Vegan

Saluyot or Egyptian Spinach
Scientific name:
(Corchorus olitorius)

Step 1
Sow seeds directly into a prepared
garden bed of garden soil, ideally mixed with compost or organic matter. Seeds should be sown roughly 5mm deep and at least 5cm apart.
Be sure to sow well after the last frost, as Saluyot or Egyptian Spinach is a tropical plant and will suffer during frost.
Generously water with a sprinkle or mister.

Step 2
Seeds should germinate after 7-10 days.
Keep regularly watered for the next week or two

Step 3
Jew’s Mallow shoots will grow quickly and be ready to harvest/prune for eating once they reach around 30cm high.
From then on they should regenerate quickly. Plants may die during cold winters
so try to keep some seeds from the occasional flower just in case.
Saluyot will takes around.
Full size and Maturity
Height: up to 4 metres (10 feet)
Width: up to 50 cm (2 feet)
No preparayion and ready to sow

7-10 Days START
Plant in pots or any containers or directly into the ground.
use compost Garden Soil
You can plant indoors in cold weather time.

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