(Only, BLM Vegans) Love Peace Respect Life @ home outta road and around ones world (Chat LIVE)

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It is not about the messenger it is all about the (vegan) message – http://selecta1ness.info Love Peace Respect Life (of conscious living beings) @ home outta road and around ones world

Vibes@selecta1ness.info – The way to peace is to stop being a animal flesh eating beast !

Skype call – Selecta.one.ness

Twitter @ https://twitter.com/selecta1ness

Love Peace (spoken word) @ https://youtu.be/MkeXP-5YF1Q

Respect Life (spoken word) @ https://youtu.be/-jhVoLpe3MQ

Vegan Peacemaker (spoken word) @ https://youtu.be/wNEED4P9ifk

So select a oneness to help end domestic, criminial violence and world terrorism. So that with personal meditation as deep as the black night sky, so that one comes to realize that living a peaceful vegan lifestyle is of great benefit to ones self and our community right here right now

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