Vegan Cutlet and Burger | 1,000,000 People don’t know benefits of Red Beans !

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Vegan Cutlet and Burger, 1,000,000 People don’t know benefits of Red Beans !
Immunity Booster Vegan Cutlet and Burger, Red Bean kebab
For Strong Immunity against diseases
Vegan Cutlet Recipe
* Soaked Red Bean ————— 250 grams
* Fresh Mint ———— 1/2 Cup
* Fresh Coriander ————– 1/2 Cup Chopped
* Ginger Finally Chopped ————– 1 tsp
* Corn Flour ——– 1tbs
* Rice Flour ——— 1tbs
* Ground Coriander Seeds ———- 1tsp
* Ground Cumin ——— 1/2 tsp
* Red Chilli Flakes ———– 1tsp
* Ground Black Pepper ————— 1tsp
* Salt to taste
Green Sauce Ingredients
* Fresh Coriander————— 1 Cup
* Fresh Mint —————— 1/2 Cup
* Garlic Cloves ————- 6 to 7
* Lemon Juice ———– 1tbs
* Cumin Seeds ———- 1tsp
* Green Chilli ——— 1 or 2
* Salt to taste

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