Being VEGAN FOR 300 DAYS, How my body reacted and what I learnt from plant-based diet [Beginner tips

So how did I find it and what was the experience like, which btw is still ongoing. I share some learning of being vegan for 300 days How my body reacted and what I learned from the plant-based diet [Beginner tips] 300 days of being Vegan, Conquer the self: Being Vegan

#BeingVegan #Veganism #TheTwalkers
00:00 Why becoming Vegan
02:40 Reasons for becoming vegan
05:30 My reasons for veganism milk and honey
06:55 Finding your own reasons for change
07:50 Beginners guide to veganism
09:10 Balanced diet adjustments based on body reaction on being vegan
10:30 Ingredients of Vegan replacements
11:07 Challenges and Benefits of vegan

Documentaries to watch
Cowspiracy (Netflix)
Game Changes (Netflix)

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