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Staar Fields is a Singer/ Songwriter/Recording Artist, but most importantly she is the mom to her very special son Gabriel who is 10 years old, non verbal, and has been diagnosed with severe autism.
With a background in psychology Staar is always searching for ways that Gabriel can have the best opportunity in life. She has gone on to start her own foundation “Give Away Foundation” helping families and children with Special Needs, her own private school for children with special needs “Sonlight Christian Academy”, and writes and sings positive music with a message!
Staar enjoys partnering with organizations to educate, advocate, and be a voice for those who don’t have one. I know how it feels to need help. When my son Gabriel was born, he only weighed 1 lb. 10 oz. His twin sister Grace was just as fragile and passed away six days later. As a military family, we have moved often, experienced long deployments alone, and there have been times when I felt bewildered trying to find resources for my child.
That’s why I started The Give Away Foundation, to help others on their journey by connecting them to the resources they need.
Give Away Foundation hosts educational workshops for caregivers, parents, educators, therapists, church groups, non profits and any organization concerned with empowering families and chidlren with special needs.
Check out our latest Keto recipe video. Our food choices are constantly expanding because we are meal planning, meal prepping, and looking for ways to make our favorite foods healthy and low carb. We also want to show the world what it is really like having a child with special needs because raising Awareness is crucial so we can live our BEST LIFE. Alot of times children with special needs are very picky eaters so we love exposing are son to different foods so he won’t have a limited diet. We find that some of these Delicious Low Carb Keto Meals are not just a success with the adults but kids love them too! Be Sure to Like and Subscribe because it really supports our channel! Thanks again for watching Staar Fields and “Our Special World!”

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I use a Galaxy Note 8 and a Galaxy Note 5 to film all my videos with. (The Note 5 is my back up camera now) I use this phone strictly for recording footage. I absolutely Love using my phone for videography because of how easy it is!

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I use Final Cut Pro and a Mac Book Air
When On the go I also use the Power Director App right from my Note 8! I paid $4.99 for the pro version and it is amazing! I can edit videos no matter where I am! It’s especially convenient because we are super busy with Gabriel’s therapy schedule and I don’t have to carry a big computer around!

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