Why I’m Going Vegan And Why You Should Too! (BENEFITS)

The health benefits are a plus for me but it’s a good way to build solid commitment so some of the benefits I got so far are energy, motivation, mood, better skin… but the primary reason is the disgusting nature of how meat companies go about producing the meat, watch a documentary to get the full picture, and you might be asking why not milk or eggs? The milk and egg companies are just as bad with them oftentimes forcing a cow to get raped to be able to produce more milk and have another cow to milk, and after 5 years when they can’t produce any milk they kill them, so it’s very clear to me why I’m doing this and I hope you got inspired to as well but you’re entitled to your own decisions and urge you to chose companies who treat their animals with respect… Imagine if aliens loved the taste of humans and it was a hit and since we were far less intelligent we were easily taken advantage of and live a life in terrible conditions just be eaten, I’m sure none of you would like that.

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