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Introducing Vegan Wednesdays!
We all know our earth isn’t too happy with us. We all are contributing in some or the other way to the depletion of our planet’s health. It’s time we sincerely realise how big a mistake human kind has done.
As a small step forward, we are Introducing Vegan Wednesdays.
1 day every week, we’ll try our best to have a vegan diet. Vegan Diet should be accompanied with Vegan Lifestyle, I.e. Use of Cruelty Free and Sustainably Produced Products.
Hence, try your best not to consume meat, seafood, dairy ( hence no milk chai/ coffee for one day ), no poultry, no honey, not to wear leather, fur or animal skin.
Today ! we bring you the Chocolate Espresso Panna Cota !!
Stay tuned for a new vegan recipes !!

Today’s Chef : Sarvani Reddy

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