Raw Vegan Pesto Pasta

My name is Joelle, I am Lebanese and completely Raw Vegan.
I am sharing with you the inner secrets of the Lebanese Food by providing you with clean, flavorful and healthy Raw Vegan Lebanese Recipes.

These recipes are not only inspired by the Lebanese Cuisine but also by the Lebanese History, Culture, Traditions and Beliefs.

Food plays a major role in Human Life; and Food in itself is not good nor bad. But it is up to our Freewill to choose the Good from the Bad.

Making the right choices in Food has an impact not only on the Body, but on the Mind and the Soul. Because as Humans, our Being is a Whole formed of Physical, Mental/Emotional/Social and Spiritual aspects that are inseparable elements for a True Healing resulting in Health, Wellness and Happiness.

Leading a Healthy Lifestyle is the right way to Success, Self Confidence, Joy and Tranquility. However, my Personal Healing started Spiritually, before going Raw Vegan, when I discovered the Truth behind the Mystery of Human Existence in Life.

GOD exists and GOD is JESUS CHRIST.

I was born Christian Maronite in Lebanon which is the Catholic Church in the East. However, my Faith in Jesus Christ happened to me, out of my own personal experiences in Life not because Catholic Faith was imposed on me (far from that).

I went through a wonderful spiritual transformation which had a great impact on my State of Mind; It changed my perspective and way of thinking, I understood my purpose in Life, and overall, I was in the Grace of God which was building my Life in the right direction towards a transcendental divine perfection.
I was experiencing Peace and Tranquility in my Heart, Love and Happiness. My spiritual transformation had an impact on my Mental Health, I felt good, stabilized, untroubled and fearless and I was meditating on these beautiful changes in my Life, understanding thoughts, intentions and behaviors. Being alert and focused in the moment and Living and enjoying the present time.

However, this metamorphosis didn’t get as real, true and perfect until I followed a Raw Vegan Lifestyle. Eating Living Foods completed the unfinished piece of the puzzle. It had a great impact on my Physical Health (I am lighter, I sleep better, I am no longer constipated, I have lots of energy and I run 10K everyday).
As for the State of Mind, it gave me more clarity, enlightenment and awakening, no more mood swings, no more vulnerability, no more hesitation in decision making and more stability in the nervous system and emotional intelligence.

God Jesus Christ is a Living God, He is in Everyone and Everything because We are all connected.
I am Living God and Living Foods; two basic natures of our existence (Humanity and Divinity); the Way to peace, tranquility, Love, Joy and Eternal Life.

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