Vegetarian Weight loss Diet Guide 2021 #PlantBasedDiet

In this video I am talking why you can’t lose weight on a vegan diet! Perhaps you are struggling with weight gain on a plant based diet and you want to learn how to lose it! Maybe you have tried HCLF, WFPB, WSLF, whatever it is… but you are still at an unwanted weight or worse, you are gaining weight! This video explains how you can lose weight on a vegan diet and what you might be doing wrong!

Many people choose to become vegetarians because they need to go
on a weight loss diet but hate the idea of starving themselves.

A vegetarian diet can aid in weight loss in many, many ways because you
are cutting out all red meat which can contain a lot of fat that is stored in
your body’s cells and really packs on the pounds. A vegetarian eats a lot of
fruits and vegetables as well as fish and seafood which is all healthy for you
and can be a great weight loss tool.

Going on a diet is difficult because you want to achieve your weight loss goal
which is why you will really want to consider a vegetarian lifestyle change.
Vegetables are naturally low in calories and good for you, so you won’t have
to worry about packing on the pounds with them.

Fruits, while they are good for you, contain a lot of water and can make you
weigh more since the body tends to retain water, but know that you are still
eating healthy.

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