Starch Blaster! My go-to easy vegan meal.

Meal Preparation
You guys have heard me talk about it before, and finally, here is your OFFICIAL Starch Blaster Video.

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I love starch blaster because it’s an easy, fast way to get a healthy, plant-based, vegan meal in a hurry. I don’t always have time to meal prep or batch cook or think about what I want to eat, so this meal is a lifesaver! You just choose your starches, a few spices, add water, and pop it into your Instant Pot or pressure cooker. It is that fast and easy.

I love to throw the ingredients into the pressure cooker right before I do a workout or house chores and once I’m done, it’s ready to go. You can season it however you like – so whatever you’re in the mood for just add to the pot. This stew is very forgiving! If you didn’t add enough water or spices, you can always add them after it’s done cooking. Still need an oomph? Top it with some Well Your World Sriracha. THE SKY IS THE LIMIT folks!


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