?Storytime: Why I’m Vegan (FT. Mukbang)?

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✯ This video is a little about why I’m vegan. I’ll tell you a little about my journey with food, how I found veganism, why I fell off the wagon and why I’m now back on it for life. I really believe in this message and how living a vegan lifestyle can help not only our individual health, but the health of the planet and our fellow animals as well. You also get to see me take down a massive bowl of Dahl and rice and hey, who doesn’t wanna see proof that I can eat that much and actually lose weight? ✯

✮ This channel is all about inspiration, learning and growth. I hope you all stick around and learn from me as I can learn from you. I hope we all grow together and be the StarFam I know we can be. ✮

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~☙♡ Blessings, all, and to all blessed be. A heartfelt farewell, from yours truly, me.
I’ll see you again, of that I am sure,
You shall stay inspired and wanting for more!
I’ll teach and I’ll learn and you’ll do the same,
Be honest and authentic, no petty games.
In our StarFam, we have faith, trust and Faerie dust, and say farewell for now we must. But I bid you merry meet, merry part and merry meet again. ♡☙~

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