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✨ Hi Gengs! One little known fact about me is that aside from being a professional makeup artist, I’m also a Vegetarian and a fitness junkie! I’ve been a Vegetarian for many years now and I practice my diet strictly, not eating meat but falling occasionally for dairy and milktea (my weaknesses!)

✨A lot of people ask, “How do I become a Vegetarian? Is it really very difficult?” Well, like any other thing in life that we want, there are challenges at first. But seeing how I’ve been able to maintain this lifestyle for years already, I’m confident you can make it if you’re one of the persons watching this video because you’re curious to try!

✨In this get ready with my session (GRWM, my very first!) I will talk about how to become a Vegetarian, my diet and meal preparation and protein sources. I will also talk about my exercise routine and my commitment to living a healthier lifestyle in general. Also as a bonus, you get to see me get ready for work!

✨I hope that my experiences will shed light to your curiosities and encourage you to make the healthy switch!

❤️ As I promised in the video, here are the workout videos that I use on a daily basis:

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1. Momma’s nest dreamy facial toner
2. Beauty staple Hyula-A serum

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?I am Raisa Bercede and I’m a Professional Makeup Artist based in Cebu, Philippines. If you like my content, please give this video a ?????? ?? and ????????? to my channel or ?????? me on social media platforms:

Remember Gengs that health is wealth! Be smart and make investments to your diet and exercise routine today! ??

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