a week of nourishing vegan lunch recipes (that are also very delicious) ?

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avocado and pea smash: https://www.amandaducks.com/recipes/avo-pea-smash
hokkien-style noodles: https://www.amandaducks.com/recipes/hokkien-style-noodles
mango salsa: https://www.amandaducks.com/recipes/mango-salsa-tacos
creamy vegetable bake: https://www.amandaducks.com/recipes/creamy-vegetable-bake
sundried tomato bruschetta: https://www.amandaducks.com/recipes/sundried-tomato-bruschetta
crispy chickpea salad: https://www.amandaducks.com/recipes/crispy-chickpea-salad
sesame tempeh: https://www.amandaducks.com/recipes/crispy-sesame-tempeh

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? FAQ:
– What diet do you eat?
I eat a vegan diet which is also predominantly gluten-free, however I do occasionally eat gluten and therefore include it in recipes on my YouTube channel
– What camera do you use?
I use a Canon 90d primarily, and occasionally use a Sony a5000 and GoPro Hero 3+
– How do you edit your videos?
I use Adobe Premiere Pro and highly recommend Peter McKinnon on YT for tutorials
– Where do you source copyright free music?
I pay a montly subscription to Epidemic Sound for copyright free music
– Where do you live?
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
– How long have you been vegan?
5+ years
– Do you take any supplements?
Only a b12 spray under my tongue 1-2 times a week, otherwise levels are perfecto!

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